Community Supported Agriculture Questions

Why should I join your CSA program?

By becoming a member of our CSA program you receive a regular supply of ecologically and locally grown produce for the entire summer and early fall. You'll get fresher, tastier produce that's better than what you can find at the grocery store and you'll be supporting a new farmer and local business owner at the same time. You'll be the first to know about farm visits and new products, receive a free keychain and half off the price of our organic cotton tote bags as well as 10% off all subsequent produce purchases.

How much does the CSA cost?

If you choose to pay for your share up front you'll pay $17.5 for a small share, $28.5 per week for a regular share and $45 per week for a large share. If you choose to pay as you go you'll pay $19 per week for a small share, $30 per week for a regular share and $47.5 for a large share. You'll find more information on share sizes and CSA length below.

How does pay as you go work?

If you'd like to be pay for your shares "as you go" over the course of the season, your initial purchase is considered a non-refundable four share deposit. In early June, near the beginning of the CSA you will receive the first of 14 recurring invoices for the remaining weeks. Invoices will be sent on a weekly basis and can be paid automatically or manually each week.

Why is paying as I go more expensive?

Pay as you go shares are more expensive than upfront shares to account for extra administration time required and additional transaction costs.

How long is the CSA?

The CSA runs for 18 weeks from June to October. You will be emailed around two weeks before beginning of the CSA with the exact start and anticipated end dates. There will be two weeks with no pick ups for a total of 16 weeks of vegetables.

How many items will I get each week?

If you choose a Small Share you'll receive four items per week every week of the CSA. For the other Share sizes, on average, if you choose a Regular Share you can expect to receive between six and eight items per week. If you choose a Large Share upi should expect an average of nine to eleven items per week. However, farming is not an exact science and there may be weeks where your receive more or less produce than the amounts listed above.

Are there any breaks in the CSA?

Yes there will be a one week break in late July and a one break in September.

Can I skip weeks? What if I'll be away?

You cannot skip weeks but if you'll be away you can send someone to pick up your share in your place. Unclaimed shares will be donated to the Community Fridge KW.

Can I change my pick-up day?

You can switch your pick up dates by letting me know using the google form you receive in your weekly emails.

Can I switch out items I don't like?

You will get to choose between different items (and get a few surprises) throughout the season but our crop plan does not accommodate having members switch items ahead of time.

Help! I don't know what to do with [insert vegetable]

No worries, you'll get recipe ideas in a weekly newsletter.

Can I get a refund?

We're unable to offer refunds after the CSA has begun.

Can I pick up my share on the farm?

Please send us an email before purchasing if you're interested in on-farm pick up. Pick ups will be Friday afternoons at the farm.

But what about...?

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