Market Membership FAQ

Why should I join your Market Membership Program?

By becoming a member of our Market Membership program you receive a regular supply of ecologically and locally grown produce for the entire summer. You'll get fresher, tastier produce that's better than what you can find at the grocery store and you'll be supporting a new farmer and local business owner at the same time.

You'll get early access to our online store each week, be the first to know about farm visits and get to influence which new products we create in the kitchen.

How much does the Market Membership cost?

The Market Membership functions like a store credit. You can load as much or as little onto your Market Membership as you'd like to start and top it up throughout the season if you're getting low by sending an e-transfer to

How long is the market season?

The market season will run from late June / early July until the last weekend in September. Then we'll be back for Christmas markets (with limited produce) in November.

How many items will I get each week?

As many or as few as you'd like. There can also be weeks where you don't get anything and that's fine with us!

Help! I don't know what to do with [insert vegetable]

No worries, you'll get recipe ideas in a weekly newsletter.

Can I get a refund?

We're unable to offer refunds after the beginning of June. Please contact us by email to discuss refunds prior to that date.

Can I pick up my share on the farm?

Please send us an email before e-transferring if you're interested in on-farm pick up. Pick ups will be Friday afternoons at the farm.

But what about...?

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